The question you need to solve right now is: 
"How do you create life altering business results without sacrificing the rest of your life?"
Well, that's what I do all day everyday. I help male business owners eliminate distraction & overwhelm, amplify focus & productivity and accelerate big business results.
Todd M, Vancouver Canada
"Ben is as honest and genuine as you can get. When it comes to business, Ben has a unique approach that has made radical changes in our company. Since working with Ben and going through the RISING KINGS ACADEMY we've doubled our team and increased our revenues by over 7 figures. For any man who owns or runs a business and is looking for a way to boost profits and scale their business without getting bogged down in the noise that's flooding the market, then I highly recommend Ben & RISING KINGS."
Sam D, VIC Australia
"Ben's RISING KINGS methodology has helped me scale my business efficiently. Ben asked some big questions that helped me recognise the problems I had weren't the real issue. From there his program has enabled me to take my team from 3 to 6 and reduce my working hours in the business by over 20%. I highly recommend Ben and his program for any business owner looking to scale their business through high performance."
Nick R, QLD Australia
"This program exceeded my expectations. Ben really hit home on the issues I was having. One of the issues the business was having was when things get challenging I I give up. Since working with Ben that barrier has been dropped and I've come to realise that in order for this to work I need to step up. Through this realisation I've since added 2 new team members to the business and an additional $43k/month."
Kish N, NSW Australia
"Since I first came across Ben presenting on stage at a business event I saw that he was speaking a different language. I decided to join the RISING KINGS ACADEMY and since starting I feel more focused & productive. My business results are the best they've been in over 10 years of operation and through this work I am surprisingly a lot more present and connected with my wife and children. It’s honestly been a game changer for me.”"
Jay V: Founder TGA
Doubled business profits in his first 90 days.
Trent A: Co-Founder Vesco
Secured a 7-figure Seed round investment.
Constantine: Serial entrepreneur - launched 'The Founder Lab' through RISING KINGS ACADEMY.
Matt G: Doubled his monthly sales through the RISING KINGS ACADEMY program.
Nick R: Founder NJR Plumbing
Added additional $43k/month to the business.
Sean M: Co-Founder One Life Adventures
Opened 3 new global locations and 5x his team.
Aaron L: Grown business profits by 11% while investing doubling family time.
Kish N: Reduced working hours by 31% while increasing business profits by 12%.
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